The Abbey of Lucedio was founded in 1123

Nine centuriesof history

The Abbey of Lucedio was founded in 1123 by the Cistercian monks from Burgundy who reclaimed the territory and were the first to introduce - rice cultivation in Italy - in the mid-1400 s. The Principato di Lucedio Farm has nine centuries of history and extends over five hundred hectares inside a Regional Park.


We cultivate history at
the Principato di Lucedio

Having the environment at heart and embracing the new sustainable production techniques to respect the biodiversity of the rice field.
Integrated and organic cultivation
Agrotechnology used

Integrated and organic cultivation

Integrated and organic cultivation
The cultivation activity of our business involves the use of both an integrated and organic cultivation method.
Intellectual and technical honesty has led us to differentiating the cultivation methods to satisfy both the customers who require a product deriving from organic farming and those who require a top-quality product in organoleptic and consumer safety terms.

Caring for the environment

Caring for the

The main strategies used at Lucedio for environmental sustainability are: Rice cultivation with the permanent submersion method, straw shredding and subsequent management of it, use of green manure, targeted rotation of Blue (conservative) and Green (non-conservative)...
How rice is born

The four seasons

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In spring the fertile fields are ready for the rice to be sown. We only use certified seeds at Lucedio that are used both in water and dry sowing, depending on the soil characteristics, the position of the fields and the springs.Thanks to the techniques of precision agriculture, and especially to the mapping of the soils, we are able to distribute the amounts of fertilizers in each plot differently, thus avoiding excesses and shortages.

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The maturation process of the rice takes place under the hot summer sun.
Mechanical weed control is finished in this period with the manual weeding of the rice so as to reduce as much as possible the quantity of weeds and reach the harvesting period with little presence of weeds and above all a clean environment.

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The autumn is the season that rewards the farmer for all their hard work, but it doesn’t end there. After the harvest, the rice is dried before processing it in the rice mill.
To best preserve the organoleptic characteristics of our rice, we use LPG for drying, thus reducing residues on the grains and atmospheric emissions.

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At Lucedio we carry out double green manure, a crop rotation technique that allows us to nourish the soil during the cold season.
Barley and vetch are sown in the autumn and winter and then tilled to increase the natural fertility of the fields, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Clean energy

In all seasons, a good rice and clean environment go hand in hand.